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RV Camp Sites

 Back-In Full Hookup (Water/Sewage/Electrical) Sites

Sites are 52 - 65 feet long x 40 feet wide.  109 Sites.

*30 AMP Service





*50 AMP Service




*Rates are subject to change. Holiday rates may apply. Additional processing fees may apply.









Price includes 2 adults and 2 children 

Additional guests are $5 per day and must check-in at the office. 


*Lake entry fees are additional and may  be viewed 

For reservations, call 919-820-9173.

Cancellation Policy:

If cancelling 7 days or more prior to arrival date, there is a full refund minus a $25 cancellation fee.  There is no refund if cancelling less than 7 days in advance of scheduled arrival date. Forfeit deposit for holidays.


Arrival times are 11 am - 6 pm.  Checkout is by 11 am on day of departure.

Pet Policy – Pets including dogs and cats are welcome, but must stay on the campsite.  To insure all of our guests have a safe and enjoyable time, it is important that you read and abide by the following pet policy:

  1. Aggressive dogs of any breed are not welcome. If your dog shows behavior that is protective and unfriendly to strangers, please leave it home. If you decide to bring your dog and it exhibits aggressive behavior, campground management will ask you to please find other camping accommodations. Tucker Lake management may choose not to accept certain breeds that have been identified by major insurance providers as having a history of unfriendly and aggressive behavior to both other dogs and to humans. We will deal with each breed on a individual bases.

  2. All dogs are required to be under the control and visual observation of their owner at all times. A 6′ (six foot) leash rule is in effect whenever the animal is outside the owner’s camping trailer, vehicle, or motorhome. No dog should be left tied up and unattended.

  3. Allowing your pet to bark uncontrollably day or night will not be permitted and you may be asked to leave if you are not able to control your pet’s barking behavior.

  4. You are required to clean up after your pet. Failure to clean up after your pet will result in a $100.00 fine and may be asked to leave. Please be considerate towards other guests.

  5. We encourage all pet owners to call in advance to inquire about any specific rules that might apply to their situation. Pet deposit required. Please call to inquire about availability for you and your pet.

  6. Service dogs compliant with ADA are welcome. However, these animals must follow leash restraint policies and may not exhibit aggressive behavior.

  7. Excessive numbers of animals or aggressive/dangerous animals are not permitted.

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